Jeroen Molenaar

Jeroen Molenaar is a Rotterdam based artist, specialized in theatrical machines and installations.

Since he received his Bachelor at the Image&Sound interfaculty at the KABK he worked as an arts-independent. Mostly collaborating with other artists within different theatre-companies such as Delamar-poppentheater, Tg Knars, Aardlek and Mechamicri. Besides his theater work he is part of the Macular collective, an initiative which research is focussed on the synaesthetic relations between moving image and sound.

With a strong focus on refining construction, his work is at the intersection of sculptural kinetic installations and self made projection systems. Most of these projects consist are the result of a hands-on research on the mechanical qualities of the medium he uses.

A lot of his work is based on the study of structures and rule-systems. Based on these studies he creates his own rule-sets to achieve homogeneous forms and structures which function as well as the conceptual and the physical backbone of the works.
For the Macular Collective Jeroen collaborated in two projects around the behaviour of the wind Drifting Patterns (2014) and Windveld (2011).